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Matthew Reid

Couldn't have been said better!

This proposal could go a long way toward revitalizing our industry.

"Perhaps if broadcasters are forced to staff their stations around the clock, they will finally have to integrate younger people into the mix - an element that is so sorely lacking at most stations today. And as radio veterans know, some of them will have good ideas, some of them will go on to program stations, and some of them may actually invent new formats, new web applications, and new business models."


If management allows it to be, any shift is not worth paying for.

I've NEVER been ashamed of being on overnights..."safe harbor" has allowed me to do material, and experiment with content, I would not be allowed to during any other day part. I can go deeper into subjects, and in longer-forms...

The listeners are loyal...receptive...responsive...

I've been in situations where things happened, and I was the ONLY source for information: not the cable and satellite channels, not the local television stations, and not my competition (they were voice-tracked and their live jock where/are totally oblivious to things that happen around them).

The only reason I won't want to do an overnight shift, is the same reason I won't want to do any other shift: I'm not challenged, am bored, and have no incentive to be creative and interested (as talent AND a listener).

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