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Bill Dettering

If you're into time shifting radio, try Replay Radio.

Replay Radio lets you record ANY Radio station broadcast over the Web as an MP3 file, and then copy it to your iPod or other MP3 player. It will even burn CDs automatically.

Replay Radio comes with a database of over 900 shows and 1200 stations, and you can easily add your own.

One more cool feature: with the optional Replay Player, when you listen on your PC you can easily skip over the ads. (If you use an iPod, just hold down the Next Track button to fast forward.)

Check it out! A free trial is available from here:



Jerry Del Colliano

I ran the Shark past my "Music Industry, Broadcasting & Internet" class at USC. Juniors and seniors. They didn't go for it. Why? They don't like radio. And that's the bigger problem. As one student said, "why do we want to record something we don't like". While I have been teaching at USC I have come to apppreciate how much trouble the radio industry is in with the next generation. Everytime one of my radio friends visits the class they are always amazed at how deep-seated the problems are. The students know where the future is for them, but radio execs don't seem to be listening.

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