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Don Beno

Over the past year and half we're hearing so much about the "Jack" formats and their clones. We've heard the stations first hand, listened to the airchecks and read the articles. Well, the articles tell us that "Jack" is more than just a list of songs. But those same articles don't say anything more. My personal observations is that "Jack" is a list of songs AND a handful of somewhat clever liners i.e. "we play whatever we want." But beyond that....
NOTHING! Reminds me of the All-70's format, some familiar music you can't hear elsewhere, some cool imaging spotlighting the 70's decade and the same old liner card jocks.

IMO, great radio stations are more than music. A LOT MORE! Boss Radio/Los Angeles, WLS/Chicago, WABC/NY were more than just music and jingles. There was the whole "stationality" about them. It extended into all aspects of the "sound" of the station. The presentation, pacing, processing, attitude, and feel of those stations made them stand out on the radio dial. The same could be said for Chicago Rocker WLUP/Chicago in it's late-70's hey day. Or WMAQ/Chicago (circa 1975) when it presented a country station with the pacing and polish never heard of before in the world of country programming.

As I hear it now, "Jack" reminds me of listening to an Ipod. Somebody elses Ipod, not mine. Only this Ipod plays commercials.

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