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Don Beno

Pardon my less than intellectual way of thinking, but I'm still trying to figure out what "Jack" and all the clones are about if it isn't just a huge playlist.

We knew what Top 40 represented in its earliest incarnation. We knew what Boss Radio (or the Drake format) was about in the mid-late 60's. We knew Boss Radio was more than music. In fact, Top 40 playlists varied from market to market a lot more in the 60's than today. But Boss Radio went beyond the Top 30 music list.
It was a style, a sound, a structure, a presentation, an attitude. The Boss Jock had a signature sound, some veterans in the business at that time could not keep up with that style. The station ID jingles were short. The audio chain proceessing was certainly a big factor in the station sound. 20/20 news and the copycats made the Boss station so much separated from any of the others on the dial. The delivery of the jocks was slick, polished and in some instances loud and faster paced. The spotloads were small, the record counts per hour, huge. Contestings and promotions were a constant. There are many, many other factors that went into Boss Radio.

But my question is: What factors make "Jack" different than a triple A, a modern-style oldies or all-80's format?
Again, maybe it's clearly right in front of my ears, but I'm not catching it. I hear the jocks...sound like typical AOR jocks. I hear the clever sweepers and stagers between the songs. I hear the familiar music that is all over the road in terms of genre.

Can someone explain in simpleton terms what "it" is?

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