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August 2011

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Phil Manning

I've long wondered if it is radio that is doing this of its own volition? Or is it the ad agencies that "dictate" formats at the end of the day based on the demographics their clients seek? For instance, there just ain't as many 54+ buys out there, therefore radio needs to rethink oldies as a viable $$ format, even though these oldies stations are healthy ratingswise.

Is radio killing that culture? Or are Ad Agencies? I don't know the answer...or if it's even the right question.

Ross Gaylen

Radio does it to itself.
Ad agencies will buy who their clients damn well tell them to, or they'll find another agency.

If radio had the balls to market itself directly to the advertisers instead of dropping their drawers..er... I mean their RATES... because of what Arbitron says about them, then Radio could set it's own rates and STICK TO THEM.

I can't believe a media as effective as radio lets agencies TELL them what they'll pay based upon Arbitron's arbitrary tracking/rating systems. But this is the same industry that base playlists on national testing instead of local surveying.

No wonder JACK is the flavor of the day and all the personality and personal rapport with their local audience has slipped away. Their appeal is definitely dropping to meet the value agencies have set for them.

There is value beyond ratings.

Starbucks doesn't let anyone tell them how much a cup of coffee is worth. Harley-Davidson doesn't let people tell them how much a motorcycle is worth. Mercedes-Benz doesn't let anyone set the price of their automobiles.

Why in the world would Radio let ad agencies set their rates???
~Ross Gaylen
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