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Fred Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a media research and consulting firm. Jacobs Media clients have included CBS Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Citadel, Greater Media, MTV Networks, Playboy, Amazon, Electronic Arts, NPR, Sylvan Learning Centers, and Taubman Malls. Learn more about the company here.


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Michael Parrish

Chills? Dave, were you watching from the refrigerator? Congrats MTV for being shallow and forced to replay something you should have got right the first time! Congrats on not recognizing the importance of a Pink Floyd reunion. Thanks for killing the Killers performance. Bravo for not showing virtually ANYTHING live or in its entirety. Who could blame you? I mean, the show's only called "LIVE 8" not "REPLAY 8". Also, thank God for the glorified stripper and male-cloned VJ's input, though, that was just fantastic! How many of those VJs, if asked, would think that Africa is a country and not a continent? Just wondering.

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