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Don Beno

Yes. Let's not ignore the teens. Studying radio history shows how radio groups actually targeted young people. RKO with their Top 40 stations and ABC too. And they won, not only with teens but with young adults and in many cases the 25+ listener.

Right now with HD radio we definitely do have the opportunity to not only capture the young listener and revive the oldies format. We have an opportunity to actually reinvent radio. Why were the Drake formated stations so successful? I think we all know it was a combination of rotating the right songs (albeit a small playlist) the energy, the production elements and the attitude. And we all know that just about any music format today uses a lot of what we learned from Drake, Storz, MacLendon and others. But I think the next step is personality. We've lost that....people, we really have. Yes, we still have high-profile 3 person morning shows. But after 10am basically it's just some polished voices, quick-witted phone callers and 10 in a row! Okay, that's a start....but "personality" will take us to the next level. Yes personality can exist in the world of more music. Delilah is a prime example of that. Personally I think American Idol is a success, not because of the varying degrees of talent that is showcased, but because of how the personality judges react and respond to it.

Let's do this HD thing right. Let's take what we've learned, breathe some new life into it and then inject something that hasn't been done before...even if it sounds totally off the mark. This is a new millenium, let's start programming that way!

Mike Sauter

Ummm, you expect teens to buy HD radios?

Won't they simply be getting music via their cell phone by the time there's a reasonably-priced and cool HD portable developed?

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