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Jeff Schmidt

Does it matter that even iBiquity doesn't call HD "High Definition"?

Will the HD Radio Alliance correct people who naturally assume HD means HIGH DEFINITION? Or is it an Intended misperception? I hope not - it's not a very nice way to build a new brand.

Is it possible "High Definition Radio" as a term is destined to be another in a long line of the over-used, hyped up, and unsubstantiated claims that radio has been shouting for years? ("more music" "more variety" "the best rock" "the best mix" " everything that rocks" now in "HIGH DEFINITION"!)

People don't believe this stuff anymore because so often it's not true.

And when they first tune into "HIGH DEFINITION" radio to hear what all the hype is about - will their experience live up to the expectations of the name -HIGH DEFINTION?

We need to be careful about this. At a time when true "High Defintion" Video and Audio is coming into more and more peoples home theater systems - calling digitially compressed audio on par with mp3 files "high definition" has the potential to make the industry look like a bunch of jack-assess.

We screw the listener at our peril.

But, then again, I could be wrong. ,-)


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