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Dan Kelley

About nine months ago, I asked Arbitron how they plan to report listening to the HD multicasts - and IIRC, I never received a clear answer. Would WZZZ "HD1" be reported seperately from WZZZ's analog signal - or combined? What about WZZZ "HD2"? A separate line in the book?

And how is this all clearly reported in the current diary system (that doesn't appear to be going away anytime in the immediate future)?

As you point out, a consensus on how the band is configured needs to be quickly determined for both reporting purposes and to benefit the consumer.

Then - or perhaps before - the question is how do stations convince the population to invest in the new technology.

I don't feel that this is an issue Ibuquity or the NAB can effectively market to the public. Its an effort thats going to have to originate at the station level with programming that makes the hardware investment worthwhile.

Programming will drive hardware sales, not the technology.

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