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August 2011

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Does this survey have any trend data? Without it the 50% figure is relatively meaningless. What did 18-34s say two years ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago?

Plus, the survey question was, "Do you think music, in general, is getting better or getting worse?" Not specifically "ROCK" music ... just "music." Respondents also weren't given a "it's about the same" choice (although they could volunteer that answer, and quite a few did just that).

In other words, they were forced to make a very broad choice. Considering most peoples' penchant for nostalgia ... for fondly remembering the "good old days" ... for looking at the past through "rose-colored glasses" ... is this really surprising?

Yes, we'd love it if everybody thought music was getting better. But without any historical perspective on this issue, what can we really say about this data? Perhaps it's always been this way.


Trending - and that's the reason why we're replicating last year's Tech Web Poll. Now that we have a baseline, we can begin to better understand true trends.


Yes, and why we happily signed up to participate in the Poll. Looking forward to it!

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