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Tommy Griffiths

Agreed! Stirring it up and getting on the front page is priceless buzz. However, typically the stuff that gets on the front page is compelling because we're dealing with risky adventures that may hit a company in the pocket book, put jobs at risk, or worse, put a station's license in jeopardy. "Stir it up" is often the war cry of many programmers.
But, we on-air folks hear from the same programmers- with the same fanaticism, "You better be careful." "Can't do that, the lawyers will have a fit." "You guys are really pushin' the envelope." (All uttered for CYA purposes, I suppose.)
So which is it-stir it up, or play it safe?
Clearly, one must take risks to reap rewards. But in the end, if the walls come crashing down, who pays?

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