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Arthur Penhallow

Arctic Monkeys: best blog yet!
Arthur P

 Mike Rankin

The Music is out there, the programmers are just to narrow minded to play it. If Pink Floyd or a similar group came out today no one would touch it. For that matter who would add a group that sounded like the Beatles. There are great bands out there with great songs that listners would love if they ever heard them. Here are some examples, some are even on Major labels: The Secret Machines, The Libertines, The Lovehammers,Kings of Leon and The Ponys all had radio worthy songs that have been on heavy rotation on my i-pod.

Matthew Keenan

Here in the UK we have BBC Radio One, which reguarly play new bands like the Artic Monkeys that then filter onto the commercial stations radar and the UK rock/alternative scene is pretty healthy at the moment with a new Rock station launched in the city of Manchester last month. Maybe if satellite radio becomes big enough, they will have a similar infuence over the U.S. radio radar

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