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Dave Paulus

Well, finally somebody said it! Finally!

At our recent managers meeting, I was asked to speak about a new technology our market was working on.

I reminded the 120 or so managers in attendance that
2/10th's of 1% of the total population of my marketplace received a diary in the winter "book." For those of you "playing at home," 99.8% of the 12 population didn't receive one.

The 2/10th's of 1% that did get one had to manually write down their listening habits, every 15 minutes, for a week, for a buck!

So, tell me...how many other business's would bust their ass 12 to 15 hours a day, only to have the available purchasing pool of that product be 2/10th's of 1% of the population? Tell a friend outside of the business someday how a huge part of your destiny is "determined" and watch their reaction!

I raised my right hand and told the group that I OFFICIALLY "give up." That's right, I give up. Not on the radio business, but on the arbitron diary system. I surrender myself to the diary.

I now concentrate on the two things that are in my control. The TOTAL entertainment product I offer my listeners (station audio, packaging, web sites,) and how I market that product.

I have a note on top of my computer every day that simply says "2 10ths".

While I doubt they will, I hope very group head and manager reads this incredibly well written blog and finally realizes that THIS issue is the most pressing problem radio faces in the expanding technological world we live in.

tim wallick

very well said ....

to think a 21 billion dollar industry has been held hostage to a failed measurement system for this long

i hope truely, many more sound this same alarm bell loudy and tell the consumer while your at it

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