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Greg Gillispie

Great. Teenagers want a radio in their iPod. Too bad radio didn't...and still doesn't...create any content aimed at anyone outside of the 25-54 demo. And considering those between 4 and 22 represent the LARGEST segment of the population EVER, it will be interesting to see if kids find anything appealing on their iPod radio...unless it's Classic Rock. Oh, wait a second...Classic Rock stations only care about 25-54s...

Jeff Schmidt

A few thoughts come to mind.

Apple isn't about cramming devices full of features - they're about a SIMPLE device. The hallmark of the iPod is not so much what it CAN do - but often what it DOESN'T do. Which leads to . . .

The 3rd party iPod accessory business is huge - AND it helps drive the popularity of the iPod. How can you walk by a rack packed with iPod accessories and NOT be tempted to check out what great new stuff you can buy for your iPod

And finally there's cash. If Apple does include a radio tuner on an iPod it will probably be AFTER it includes Wi-Fi - which would enable Apple to sell music/video on the iPod itself.

Including a radio tuner makes much more sense if I can also hit a button and buy the song I'm hearing.

While it's encouraging to see teens want radios on their iPods - isn't safe to say that teens expect their devices to do almost everything?

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