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Bruce Barber


These are two companies that "get it";

XM understands that they're not just in the DELIVERY buisiness, and puts O&A on terrestrial radio.

... and CBS gets over it's fear of the satcasters and sees that great content is great content.

Larry Rosin

Some additions:

1) They sound, on the air (and by all accounts off the air) to be like completely reformed former-prisoners. They know why they have kept getting fired everywhere, and they sound determined not to get fired again.

2) They have taken one interesting theme on the air: Talking a lot about Howard. They give their listeners many, many pretexts to say to themselves: “Gee, I’m a lot smarter listening to this than to shell out money to listen to Howard.” Among the things they do:

a. They have a tape where Howard admitted he couldn’t do a good show without being dirty, and that he just couldn’t work within the strictures of the FCC. Thus, they revel in the fact that they can.

b. They talk a lot about how few people listen to satellite radio compared to am/fm, and thus how few are listening to howard anymore

c. They talk about how Howard is old (they used to do this in the old days too)…’yesterday’s morning show’

Honestly, they are also way way less edgy than my image of them was. They can push it at times, but not all the time. Meanwhile, I have listened to Howard’s Sirius show from time to time, and it is straight porno when I am listening.

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