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Tommy Griffiths

You're darn right everything you know is wrong-or everything that industry sectors are doing today seems entirely counterintuitive. The Ford people would like to build cars more efficiently to compete in the global automobile market. So what do they do with their most efficiently run assembly plant in Atlanta where Taurus' (Tauri?) are built? SHUT 'ER DOWN! Why? Ford and every other auto manufacturer WILL NEVER sell that many of the same kind of car again- (Ford sold 7 million Tauri.) because the global auto market has become so fractionalized. There are too many brands. You kids in Detroit probably know this.
The times they are a changin'-in hyper drive.

Tommy Griffiths

Tony LaRocca

Have you ever seen the movie? It's the Firesign Theatre acting out & mouthing the record, word for word. Bizzare, but funny. "I am Nino, the fantastic mind-boggler!"

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