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greg gillispie

One other thing that has slowed radio down -in the big corporate world, you oftentimes have to run the idea up the ladder 5 or 6 rungs and wait for it to come back down to do anything.

Dick Hungate

You're right, Greg, because if you just follow
your instincts and "go for it" without first
obtaining permission...often you're later that
day in the general manager's office being lectured
(or worse). Of course, there is the old standby
rational of "forgiveness is easier that permission"...
but then they can say "this is something you should
have had the experience and smarts to just KNOW would
be inappropriate, etc., so I'm not buying it".
There is a built-in (structural) problem in which
jocks are rewarded not to be edgy or aggressive...
in a way that ends in mere creative frustration
and a terrible feeling deep inside that they copped out.
So it really boils down to: do you trust your jocks enough
to pre-empower them with the right to take a calculated,
educated chance at 6 am...or do they REALLY havd
to wake up the PD and ask if it's O.K. The average jock
would take the easy road and just say, "Aww. screw
it. This isn't worth the political fallout later".

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