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Even you have missed the point - it doesn't matter how much is spent on advertising, or the number of stations broadcasting in HD; the general public has been totally apathetic towards HD Radio, because it is a sub-standard re-work of old technology. There are too many other technologies that the public is interested in - Wireless Internet, Internet Radio, iRadio, WiFi, cell phone streaming, etc. And, it doen;t matter how many HD radios are put into stores - even the stores aren't interested in marketing HD Radio. HD Radio is a fraud and has been a total failure - HD Radio/IBOC causes adjacent-channel interference and has only 60% the coverage of analog.

Dave Paulus

Rather than jump on the obvious "multiple" issues that many have pointed out with the HD launch and execution, I'll mention one major issue:

$250 million of WHAT? That's $250 million of "promotional inventory" on the "alliance member stations". Yes, those famous ROS schedules that radio knows and loves and assigns big rate amounts to the flight to rationalize it's investment

Want to show me something? Show me a MEDIA mix. Show me TV, outdoor, internet, print, radio and O.O.H! Show me a agency or a media plan or some (dare I say) $$$$$ invested in promoting or explaining this product outside of our own "stores".

At the very least, show me ONE station that "bumps" a cash advertiser to make sure this important, "vital" message gets good placement on their station and THEN you may get my attention.

Is "boondoggle" spelled with two "o's" and two "d's"?


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