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Greg Gillispie

Who gets a Sharper Image catalog any more? Better yet, who shops at Sharper Image any more? The novelty wore off a long time ago.


"It's a start. We've got to get these radios into the mainstream and onto consumers' wish lists of that next piece of electronica they just have to have."

Yeah, it's unfortunate, but consumers probably will feel like they have to have one. Too bad internet radio is going to hit big and people just don't know it. When the nation goes all WiFi, or WiMax, then there will be little devices like the one you've got pictured there. They'll be in their cars. Since your interested in focus groups and all, and I'm just some random radio guy, I figured you should know more about it than me. So, I'm getting you up to par. You should then have enough time to surge ahead, and if you're not being commisioned by Ibiquity, I'd give up on Hybrid Digital. Peace out, dude.

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