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Larry Rosin

Wow thanks for this interesting link Fred. This young student makes a point I had never considered before: the impact of the iPod and iTunes on genres. If you don't anymore have to buy the whole album, you don't get the broader exposure to a body of music.

The demise of the 'album' -- which in many ways has always been a scam anyhow -- has reverberations all over the place. Hadn't much considered the link to formats.

Thanks again. Great post as always.

Bruce Warren

What a terrific post. In the struggle for survival, understanding where people are going and what their habits are is something that - IMO - folks in radio - particularly public radio - still aren't getting. Have we really become a culture of learned cluelessness? Of course, it's driven by the brutality of the economy and the challenge of being able to find a model to pay for it all without upsetting the current calculus. And yeah, there's a new genre of music some of my U Penn interns are calling "iPod rock." It's a mix of music where anything goes and "genre" is an old school term.

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