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greg gillispie

A nudge toward buying an album can't hurt...but the nudge really isn't hard enough these days. It is partly radio's fault. We gave up playing multiple tracks at the same time about 30 years ago. And most of the recent bands haven't created something of that magnitude. The question is, if "Dark Side," "Sgt. Pepper's," or any of those albums in millions of people's collection were released today, would they become a legend or just one song someone heard on the radio or downloaded?


Appreciate the link to my "end of the album" posting - thanks!

It's as though everything has come full circle ... from the days of 45s, through decades rich with gems such as "Pet Sounds" and "Tapestry" and "Nevermind," and now we're back to a single-minded (no pun intended) society. It will be interesting to see how the changing tide shifts in the coming years.

Dick Hungate

What several decades ago was taken for granted...
namely, the fully-realized and synergistic song
cycle we hear on "Dark Side" and "Aqualung", only
sporadically occurs today. But when it does, swimming
directly against the strong current of super-short
teenage consumers and record industry attention spans,
it still inspires awe. The last time I got socked in
the solar plexus by an entire album...a totality of
rare beauty...was when I first heard Springsteen's
"The Rising" album. The only word is W-O-W.

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