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Phil Wright

Mercury ran a promotion last May on the Mountainer with 3-year free Sirius and sales were up 50% from the prior period, while Explorer was flat. Apparently Mercury liked the results.


Phil, thanks for the comment. You may be right about those sales figures. But like rebates, none of these giveaways builds the brand or truly sells the vehicles. Detroit needs to sell the value of its products - and not spend more time marketing satellite radio.


So Mercury ran a ad. What is all the hoopla anyway. It's Mercury's ad, let them sell their car the way they want. If sales fall then they'll make a change. Who really cares what Mercury gives away.

Why should any outside agency be questioning Mercury?
If the Sat radio subscription is paid for by Mercury or your mother... again, who really cares. It is a car ad with the idea of selling cars. Why read more into than that.

Ad, ad, ad, ad, thats all it is, a silly ad, Buy the car or don't!

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