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greg gillispie

Why haven't Rock musicians made this connection? Rock has never really been about that. Decadence is what it has always been about.

Country musicians, on the other hand, sang about the personal connection and took the time to bring it to reality. And NASCAR was smart enough to see the results and make the connection with their fans.

These "musicians" of which you write are the plastic presentation of the money-generating kids industry. Sure, a few of today's pop-stars take the time, but most come and go...in more ways than one.

For radio - and the smart ones have known and done this for quite some time - making that connection is easy. You are right, it is part of the job description. Those that don't want to do it or won't do it without lots of $$ should be - dare I say - replaced.

Beyond that, the only other challenge is getting Otto Mation to get out of the box. He seems to do a lot of dayparts at a number of stations.

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