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Actually, 75% of consumers in 2006 were aware of HD Radio at some level (so now, the number has to be larger), yet consumers remain toally apathetic. HD/IBOC causes adjacent-channel interference, especially on AM, and will be the demise of the AM band:

"In-Stat: Digital Radio Set to Take Off"

"In 2006, 73 percent of respondents to an In-Stat U.S. consumer survey were aware of HD Radio on some level."


HD Radio is a Farce!


Dan Kelley

Its hard to take the above comment seriously when the author's blog user profile states his or her interest is "Making sure HD Radio fails !".


Dave Paulus

Fair point Dan, but the truth is the truth....even with certain markets busting ass to show the benefits (congrats Greater Media Detroit, well done)this is a product that was developed by the industry because THEY wanted it to work...not demanded by the consumer because it was important to them.

This product is over 2 years old and it's chance for buzz is OVER with a capital "O". I'll be "gumming my creamed corn" at the retirement home before this product finds any universal appeal....and I'm not that old. :)



I am sorry that you are saddened by my blog, but whenever a personal attack is launched, that person has lost. You obviously have a vested interest in this loser technology:


Harvey Kojan

The problem is that HD radio is NOT a "wonderful product." There is no compelling reason for consumers to buy it, and increased awareness isn't going to help that fatal flaw.

And, with all due respect to the research firm "In Stat" (whatever that is) I don't believe for a SECOND that 73% of Americans are truly aware of HD Radio. I'd love to see the actual survey specifics that yielded that incredible stat.

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