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That's absolutely right!

I know a smart young woman who was serving at a high end restaurant who was poached by a VP of Marketing for a major company in that same manner. She had just moved to the city a few months earlier for an account exec job with a recruiting company, but was laid off from it. Instead of leaving the city, she took the serving job to cover while she put out resumes. Just because someone is a server doesn't mean they aren't qualified for more: You can get hired and working quickly, it gives you time to go for interviews during the day, and if you're good like she was, the tips can make for a decent salary.

Servers can make excellent salespeople, since the best salespeople have great listening skills, they're not afraid of striking up conversations and putting their best face forward on a moment's notice, they learn to read people well, and so on.

Anthony Hunt

I manage a public radio station and I'm about to hire some new Account Managers (sales) whose passion for public radio beat out several applicants who had lots of media experience but not a clue of about public radio. It sounds odd to say, but enthusiasm trumps experience.

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