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Day of the Jackal

From Bridge Ratings:

"Of those who were Very or Somewhat Interested in owning HD radio, 3% were very interested. However, with these respondents, we followed up with the question Would you buy an HD radio in the next two months? only 1.0% responded yes. Asked if they ever visited a retail store to look at or try an HD radio receiver, 30 members of our sample of 3179 said they had. That is less than 1%."

Interesting that Bridge finally broke their numbers down and reflected the grim-reality facing HD Radio - visits to the go-to site for HD Radio hardly registers compared to Satellite Radio:


Seems that broadcasting HD Radio over the broadcast bands is DOA, with comsumers not interested in purchasing expensive, problematic HD radios. Again, the abysmal HD channel content on clearchannelmusic.com/hdradio doesn't even compare to the "personalized" music services of Slacker.com, Pandora.com, and Last.FM. LOL !

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