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I sense a little sarcasm in your blog. Don Imus made a mistake, apologized and was forgiven by the ones he insulted.

So now is the time to move on. His 5 years with Citadel Broadcasting and RFD-TV will expire and he may very well retire.

And the ones who suffered most for him being illegally fired. We the listeners and supporters. Capus and Moonves didn't think about that. They are the ones who are paying big time now.


NO!! Actually I don't want a neutered Imus, I want him to comeback and be even more bombastic if at all possible. How about we stop with the victimization culture, in this country and get back to the sticks and stones rule. There is Nothing in the Constitution that says a person has the right not to be offended. Politically Correct Speech is Socialist Culture not American Culture. The remedy for Unpopular Speech is NOT less Speech it is more Speech. Like your Free Speech, thank an American Military Service Person...and remember your an American, and try to stop sounding like such a Pussy! Nappy Headed Ho, they are only WORDS.


All humor is offensive. If you're not offending someone, you're not being funny. It seems that only Americans worry about it.

David Martin


With all respect, you're wrong. It is not possible for any performer to use their talent "to everyone's benefit." The deal you proffer is, at best, naive. Let's permit JD to do his act and allow the marketplace to decide. Charles Bukowski said "As the spirit wanes, the form appears." The last thing we need is some PC version of Imus. We would be better off if he and his producers invited D.L. Hughley, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac and other self-made gentlemen of color to guest during the first week with the expressed purpose of balancing the scorecard. That first week would not only be a teachable moment but worth thirty or forty million in cable tv news promotion.

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