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i couldn't agree more..i've said on the radio a bunch of times that they should just rename it the "music hall of fame"...it's a sham!

Wade Collins

So tell me Mr jacobs is the Dave Clark 5 not rock & roll? Or does it have to have the Classic Rock stamp on it?. hall of Fame is a joke. Why isn't Arthur Lee & Love in the hall but Michael Jackson is?


Wade, thanks for the response. I was a DC5 fan, along with Gerry & The Pacemakers and other Invasion bands. Just think the choices are getting thin. Doesn't Madonna feel like a stretch?

randy raley

I can't believe that Leonard Cohen gets in yet The Doobies, Moody Blues, Three Dog Night, Roxy Music and for cripes sake Chicago aren't in. And yes, Mr. Jacobs, Madonna and The Ventures are a stretch.

Robert D Young Jr KB1OKL

Madonna? Leonard Cohen? The Doobies, Moody Blues, Three Dog Night, Roxy Music and Chicago, DC5 Gerry and The Pacemakers are rock n roll? Good bands but I don't think so. How about The Stooges? why aren't real rock n roll bands in there, New York Dolls? Those were two groundbreaking rock n roll bands, are they in? I doubt it.

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