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Mark Vanness

It would seem to me that the best campaign would simply be; "radio is great HD radio is better!"

David Martin


You are spot-on in calling for an industry dialogue. My thought is the big moving part that's missing - so far - is a sense of urgency and that it seems fair to suggest is a leadership issue.


"GSD&M Preps $200 Mil.+ HD Radio Push"

"GSD&M has already begun producing work. The ads feature the voice of cartoon character SpongeBob (actor Tom Kenny) as a conventional car radio calling its owner and leaving messages as if it's a jilted lover. "You know, I could totally pick up those new extra HD stations if I hit the gym," the radio says in desperation. "Is that what you're into now? Huh? Call me!"


Brillant - that will get consumers into Best Buy to purchase those empty HD radios!

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