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Here's one of the negative comments, you can put lipstick on a pig, put it in a dress, give it liposuction, give it a new plastic face, but unfortunately..... it's still a pig or actually perhaps a turkey in this case, give it up, this will NEVER work. No one cares, it's time was 15 years ago when !!!!DIGITAL!!! WAS STILL NEW AND REALLY COOL. now it's not. The radios still suck and interfere with other stations, the range is still terrible. If digital radio is failing in Europe and it has had a 10-12 year head start on us and their system is superior (no sideband interference) what makes you guys with BRAINS think it's going to work over here with technology moving so fast? Besides my 1979 240 WRMS per channel driven continuously Marantz receiver will absolutely kill any new HD receiver in sound quality and sensitivity. There is nothing wrong with the sound of radio, there is something wrong with what is coming out of the speakers: Same Old Krap, the same recycled classic rock songs, top 40 pap and right wing talk, wow, that's really exciting. The problem with radio which diversions like HD just obscures is the fact that the majority of radio today is owned by about 5 big giant corporations who know squat about running radio stations. Thank God it looks like that phase is almost over. Consolidation didn't work, IT IS THE REASON RADIO IS IN THE STATE IT IS IN TODAY. HD? Even if it worked better than the current system (not even close, the bitrate makes it sound worse than analog FM with a side... err, I mean I mean channels between your channels)) wouldn't matter because who wants to hear Ramblin' Man for the millionth time MAYBE a little clearer?
I'm just wondering when you guys are going to admit it's failed and stop throwing money and wasting valuable ink and time on this junk that will never sell.

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