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Your point is well taken on the effort to put these together, but stations need to do this sort of "road trip" thing way more than the A to Z bit. I still contend that if the A to Z "entire song library" bit takes less than a month it's not worth doing. I've heard a couple of stations act as if it taking a week to play "everything" is a huge deal. It does nothing to make me want to tune in again the next week if I'm going to hear the same songs again. Especially when they throw in some songs they don't normally play. This calls attention to the limits of their playlists these days.

Don Beno

I think we have to remember that these "special weekends/features" are more than just music.

The mistake many programmers make is thinking it is all about music. Don't get me wrong, music is very important, but formats like "Jack" had a LOT more going for it than just a huge playlist....a LOT more. But narrow-sighted radio broadcasters thought all they had to do is fire all the jocks, expand the playlist and viola. Didn't work.

American Top 40 was the success it was, not just because of the nation's top songs counted down, but because of the way it was presented by the unimatable Casey Kasem. In fact there were probably 5 other national countdowns in the 80's that tried unsuccessfully to compete with AT40.

Repackaging the music is a great idea, but expand your efforts beyond Selector, surround those titles with a presentation that includes the right attitude, presentation, production and excitement that breathes new life into the familiar titles as well as propping up the unfamiliar/secondary songs.

Take a cue from Nick At Nite. They do a fantastic job of repackaging the same old sitcoms.

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