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Ted Edwards

Read the blog about the awards today. Agreed, Kevin and KROQ are legendary and deserve all the accolades and respect. Here's my point, these awards are silly. Are they based on performance in ratings, revenue, production value, level of competition, years in the format or how many records they add? The majority of the votes from the Records side of Radio & Records will be based on how much, when or what they play. As to the Radio side most of the programmers will vote without hearing most of the stations they're voting for or much understanding or knowledge of the individuals who are nominated. I know because I've been on both sides of the voting coin. I was also on the nominating committee for the Billboard radio awards sometime during the 80's. Record and radio folks on a conference call going over the possibilities when Tom Owens name came up. Tom was still the PD of WEBN at the time. Huge numbers, innovative and compelling programming, amazing production values and integration in the community. An obvious choice for many of the awards that were up for grabs. The record guys cried no way was he going to get nominated in a large and nasty voice. Why? He wasn't into their game plan. He added records when he needed to and when the time was right. He could not be manipulated. That phone call has stuck with me since that day. Kind of reminds me of this presidential election year. Voting on top of mind sound bites, partisan politics and little knowledge of the facts. Many of the best in our industry never get what they deserve for quietly winning in their home markets or not playing enough records out of the box. Thanks, Ted

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