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DTV and HD Radio cannot be compared. In the former the U.S. government has told the industry and the consumer, 'Effect February 2009 TV as you know it is GONE.' Either upgrade your TV, get cable/sat., or buy a converter box. There is no alternative.

HD Radio, on the other hand, is a nifty 'gadget' that offers the consumer NO BENEFIT.

- Sound quality? Who cares. Consumers download 4 billion low quality MP3s every week.

- HD programming? Where? While a few -- a few -- stations are trying something new on their other stations, most are not and never will ($$$). The unique programming Generation V craves is online.


"Arbitron/Edison study chills the already thin air of HD Radio"

"All you need to know about this research is this: It says relatively few know about HD. It says that number hasn't gone up. And it implies that folks are aware of what they care about, not vice versa. It also strongly suggests this isn't going to change any time soon - as in, forever."


Let's be honest, here - awareness has dropped to 24%, and as Mark Ramsey has pointed out, consumers are aware of what they care about.

Pull the plug on analog radio! What a joke! HD radios are not selling, so the FCC would antiquate the estimated 800,000,000 analog radios - right! Gosh, I wonder, if the FCC would send out 800,000,000 converter boxes for our antiquated radios. This is truly a sign of desperation.

Good thing that DRM has stalled on shortwave, with only about 5 stations running their jammers and with no interest from manufacturers, retailers or listeners, and that Booble's snake-oil can't trash shortwave.

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