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Fred Jacobs, I love your blog!

Martin Bandyke is a true radio personality and not just a jock or an on air staff member. Unfortunately, this is a lost art due to the switch in the mentality of upper management in the radio industry. The emphasis is put on commercials and on air staff are looked at as people to fill the time in between commercials with talk and some music.

As you stated, the real reason Cumulus reversed its decision to lay off Martin Bandyke was the out cry from the advertisers. Yes, money does talk.
The most important thing to remember are these advertisers are first and foremost LISTENERS. The loads of emails from angry LISTENERS should have had the same impact as the emails from advertisers.

I totally agree with you about Martin Bandykes approach.
Broadcasting schools and upper management need to encourage young and up coming radio personalities to "brand themselves" to make themselves indispensable to the station and the market like Martin Bandyke does. It's a great benefit to the station. Most popular radio personalities do that such as Michael Baisden, Lucy Ann Lance, John Mason and the late great J.P. McCarthy.

I hope this is a wake-up call to 107.1, Cumulus and the entire radio industry through-out the country.
Changes have to be made in radio.
The radio industry might want to consider adapting to the listeners instead of making the listeners adapt to radio.
Remember the 1978 film "FM"?

DJ Osiris

Former Blue

Earlier this month I was also cut by Cumulus. I was sad about losing my job, my show, but much like your blog post and Mr. Osiris, I was MORE sad about "losing radio". I grew up loving radio and have been mourning that loss for quite some time. My job loss was just another step along that path. No shock here.
I'm glad that Mr. Bandykes had loyal advertisers, and that he got his job back, but I have to wonder if he WANTS it back? I thought about this after reading what you wrote and I don't know if I would take 'them' back. Going back to make money for a company that just axed me is a tough pill to swallow.
Thanks for your posting. Maybe someday radio will be what it once was. Until them I'm...
Moving on, looking forward.

Alan Goldsmith

So Cumulus was blackmailed (in a positive way) in caving in. GREAT. But the more idiot broadcast groups pull this crap, the more people with taste in music will migrate to Sirius/XM as locate, vital content disappears. And the more worthless their licenses will become.

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