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Bud H. Walters

The most important thing any broadcaster can do is to contact their Congressman. HR49 needs more signatures. There are currently 135 signatures and we need 218 plus.

Congressmen/women need to know that the proposed fee/tax will be distributed 50% to the labels, 48% to performers, and 2% to muscian's unions. The labels have already collected 50% from the artists. Now they want an additonal stream of income so they can continue to collect 50% on-going. If it is a "Performers" initiative, why don't performers get 100% On another front, most performers have a piece of the "writing copyright". Thus, when broadcasters pay ASCAP/BMI/SESAC most artists that get radio play are also getting paid. Won't this proposal be "double dipping".

The proponents of this legistation are the labels and many older artists who were really shortchanged by the labels. Newers artists "want" airplay and do not understand what is being proposed.

Thank's for working on this. The biggest request is to get more Congressman signed on to HR49. That should be a major part of your request to stations.


Bayard H Walters, President
The Cromwell Group, Inc

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