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Jeff Schmidt

I know he's supposed to be the "optimistic" one - but Pittman sounds like a man from another era, out of touch with what's happening.

The "chaos" we're experiencing in media has no historic equivalent.

And the economic chaos has put in jeopardy the notion that we can simply conspicuously consume our way back to "prosperity". That is simply not sustainable.

So I'm not inclined to side with the guy whose world view appears to believe we can re-establish the status quo by just doing MORE of what got us here.

I believe Garfield is correct - the very structure has changed. There's no going back.

That leaves us all confused. We're in the chasm between the old way paying really well (but less and less everyday) and the new way not paying much at all yet.

I'm good with that.

I'd rather we all face the world as it is - get creative and find new ways to deliver value than cling to broken stuff out of nostalgia.

Or worse - a sense of entitlement.


Jeff, I miss your spirit in those "brainstorms." Thanks for chiming in.

Bob Bellin

The main problem appears to be the consumer's willingness to endure ads as payment for media seems to be waning rapidly. DVRs, Hulu and YouTube, have been ad free for long enough that fewer and fewer are willing to sit through them.

If oversupply was the main culprit, one would think the market would take over and weed out the weak links until some profitable balance was reached.

The old bargain is breaking down - major cable ISP's are testing and ramping up metered service, at least partially as an attempt to protect their video business. Some form of universal pay per view seems to be in our future.

Jeff Schmidt

thanks fred! I miss brainstorms! ;)

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