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Fred Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a media research and consulting firm. Jacobs Media clients have included CBS Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Citadel, Greater Media, MTV Networks, Playboy, Amazon, Electronic Arts, NPR, Sylvan Learning Centers, and Taubman Malls. Learn more about the company here.


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HD Radio Farce

Sorry, Fred, but with daily contact with Gen Y, Jerry knows exactly what he is talking about. Why would anyone outside the radio industry stream radio stations, when they have acess to "personalized" music services, such as Slacker, Pandora, and Last.fm? Radio is non-interactive, which is a killer. BTW, how's that HD Radio thing going - haven't heard much from you, or Paragon Media Strategies, lately? Pandora, Slacker, and Last.fm have crushed any chances for HD Radio.


Add Stitcher to the mix too. On-Demand content from Talk Radio, podcasts and more. It is Pandora's talking cousin.
Take the best in programming and personalize your own station.
Buh-bye stations, satellite and syncing and Hello to on-the-go, on-demand information/entertainment.

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