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Fred Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a media research and consulting firm. Jacobs Media clients have included CBS Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Citadel, Greater Media, MTV Networks, Playboy, Amazon, Electronic Arts, NPR, Sylvan Learning Centers, and Taubman Malls. Learn more about the company here.


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Bob Bellin

This is an old story - and ironically one that the Baby Boomers wrote when they were in their 20s and 30s. Boomers dominated media focus when they were young, resulting in the premature demise of their parents as marketing goldmines.

During the 80s, if it wasn't young, it wasn't hip and if it wasn't young and hip, it wasn't considered good business. People in their 50s were deemed old and irrelevant - as marketers or their targets. Back then people in their 40s and 50s were discounted and in advertising, rarely hired.

Does anyone in NY remember the "35+ committee"?

Harry Chapin laid it out in "Cats in the Cradle" a long time ago. Fast forward 25 years and the boomers kids are proving that they did pay attention to their parents.

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