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Mike "Mud" Alan -- PD WNRQ/Nashville

You need to have an open mind with content on your website. The more content, the better the website - "build it and they will cume." MJ music and his "funeral party" is not for on air or formats that do not apply but certainly it's great for any website.

Vincent Wolanin, Producer- Grammy Voting Member

It would seem to most normal people that an intelligent programmer would want to report the major news when it is important across the spectrum regardless of music genre.

FYI: Robert Plant is not in the same league with this guy as an entertainer, and would not warrant the coverage, plus you should already know that based on the Q factor. It seems to me you are beating your drum to fill up space which is really sad about this blogging stuff as sometimes it would be best for people to put their brain in gear before spouting nonsense. The PD at the station did his job period, contrary to many stations who missed the news period.

Virgil Thompson, VP Programming, Cox San Antonio

Fred…some thoughts on today’s blog…a classic rock station sending out an email on MJ’s funeral is a blunder…a rock station (classic, active, whatever the label) is about what it IS and what it ISN’T…people come to ROCK stations to NOT HEAR pop crap you get on other stations…rock stations should be refuge from the saturation of this event…Law of Sacrifice? YES in this case…playing “Beat It” when it was a current was probably a good move in the early 80s when Thriller was at its peak…(not many played it as a recurrent if I recall accurately) but an email dedicated to Michael Jackson passing is just another dumb CC move.

Waddy Padilla

Classic Rockers don't live in a bubble. It's a conceit of many radio programmers to pigeonhole audiences into simple categories. I would hazard to guess that many Skynard fans such as myself also enjoy watching photos of Lindsay Lohan pole dancing and Bruno putting his ass in Eminem's face. A successful radio website is a pop culture hub. It is not a stretch to believe that many classic rock radio listeners were interested in seeing the MJ funeral because it was a massive cultural event. If WNRQ was able to have their audience watch on their site rather than jump to CNN, or another stations' website, then the PD made the right call. Getting your audience to your website and keeping them there is becoming a large measurement of a station's success. I don't think the station was playing any MJ music or forcing Thriller down anyone's throat, but giving the audience the option of viewing the funeral was a good way to keep it from wandering elsewhere.

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