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Tommy Griffiths (formerly of Tommy and Rumble/WNOR)

I've often said on the air that I never borrowed records from my father, and today my son doesn't borrow my cds- he just takes them. He's butchered half my collection- The Doors, Led Zep, Van Halen, etc. I'm 29 years older than my son and he's turned me onto OLD Pink Floyd (at Pompeii and w/Syd Barrett).
Rock Radio needs better new music to survive. Will our great grand children be listening to Killswitch Engage 40 years from now?
Tommy Griffiths

John Ford

I know this is a rather simplistic viewpoint, however, most contemporary pop music, well, it sucks. it's no surprise that 'classic' rock still garners 'youngsters' ears... which inevitably leads me to exclaim, 'hey you kids, get off my lawn!'

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