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August 2011

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Don Beno

One of the upsides of consolidation is that it has given great opportunities to those who would not have been promoted as quickly if at all. I have seen a few talented individuals take the ball and run with it.

The downside as you pointed out is that even the best ball runners can faulter, especially when they have little experience running.

There are also those that have been promoted that had no desire to take on additional challenges but agreed to such to stay employed.

What we are seeing in the programming arena today, IMO, are administrators. They don't really make business or creative decisions, they just implement orders from headquarters.

Tommy Griffiths (Formerly of Tommy and Rumble/WNOR)

Yes, radio folks are often "miscast", AND many experienced pros are "outcast". We can't forget those who are replaced with less talented and less experienced personnel to save a couple of bucks. I've been an "outcast" for two weeks, after hosting the same morning show on the same station for 20 years, then replaced by former interns turned part-timers. Listeners and advertisers are keenly aware of this trend, and they are not afraid to express their frustration. This was on my Facebook page this morning from a 30-something-year-old female:
"I HATE HATE HATE you are no longer on the morning show. I drive to Va. Beach every day, from Franklin and need you to get me through the drive. I have been listening since 1996. It was wierd because when you left the show I was truly upset. It was as if I lost a friend. lol crazy huh?"
I swear I didn't make that up.
This woman is upset that the coach pulled the QB, and put in the kicker. Tommy Griffiths

Mark Vanness

How about those of us that stepped up and managed the stations web site and tripled as the promotions director, MD, PD and cheer leader and did it all very well and still because our salary was tall we were cut loose!

Tommy Griffiths (Formerly of Tommy and Rumble/WNOR)

Mark V., How dare you be good AND productive and expect radio to pay you what you are worth! Tommy Griffiths

celebrity videos

My favorite broadcaster.

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