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This video is just one more reminder (a powerful one) that it will be much better to ride the wave than be swept out by it.

John Ford

this video has been viral and making the rounds. i think that (at least) two things should be pointed out about said video:

1: this is an advertising campaign for a social media company (socialnomics.com). so of course they would want to put social media in a very, very positive light.

2: many of the statistics that they throw around are, in my opinion, very suspect. take the first statistic... 96% of gen y have joined a social network. where are the hard facts to support this claim? 96% of the population doesn't even own a computer (compare this with the average number of radio's or tv's per household.) and even if you take this as being a hard fact, some interesting studies have surfaced lately about the use of twitter and other social media trends. there is a very small core of rabid users and a large percentage of folks who sign up rarely or never use the service(s).

social media? just another buzzword for marketing and spam by advertisers and media trendies (and when today's 'media savvy' consumers figure out it has become just another buzzword for media spam, they will dissolve in droves). social media is and will continue to be a very large tool for media, but it's just that, a tool. certainly not the end all and be all and the (with a large, hokey echo voice) "the future!" tread very lightly on the "trends of the internet and new media," it has consumed many a snake oil salesman and their unwitting customers in the past and undoubtedly will continue to do so.


Interesting. I shared it with my 22 year-old Syracuse Grad son. Filmmaker, tech geek, web guy -- and he responded:


"Perhaps the biggest advantage held by people my age, who grew up with all of this well into full swing, is our ability to take it in stride. Sure, we use facebook on a many-times-a-day basis, but we don't fawn over it. Already, we usually give it little more thought than previous generations did to how many times a day they used the telephone. (Though, like them, we do still retain the ability to, once and a while, marvel at how ridiculous it is that you can actually do this. Tech is cool.) We don't analyze how each new innovation is going to change the entire world and the nature of humanity - we just use it."


Thanks for all the comments on this video - good to see the juices are flowing as we head into the last chunk of '09. We have a great blog post coming up about social networking - from a different persepctive - that should shed some more light on the opportunities for radio. Thanks for reading the blog, and let's keep the dialogue going.

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