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David Martin


Didn't make it to Philly. Thank you for the recap. I did attend Advertising Week VI, North America's largest gathering of advertising and media leaders. It was simply wonderful with one significant exception. The NAB and RAB were MIA. Cable (CAB) and online (IAB) joined major players including AAF, 4As, AMA, ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations), DMA, OPA, CAC, and ARF. I could go on but you get the idea just about every serious group concerned with advertising in North America including the now usual suspects - Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, AOL and Facebook. WADV, the web based internet radio station of the show, returned with the talented Douglas Zanger at the helm. Doug is a former radio guy turned agency owner and Ad Age columnist. For reasons unknown, RAB, the previous WADV sponsor, failed to suit up for this important gathering. FYI - the company that everyone loves to hate not only picked up the WADV sponsorship they provided John Hogan to play on "The Future of Radio" the single radio session during the five day event. Most telling - the session was one module in the block "Are legacy media going the way of the 8-track? A look at the future of radio and print." Ouch. While we're planning another feel good gathering of the first tribe of wireless perhaps we should also invest a bit of effort into a more effective (and blatantly obvious) outreach. Let's take measured action, get involved and tell our story where competitors gather to gain ground (e.g., Advertising Week) We should mind the words of Woody Allen "Eighty percent of success is showing up."


David, thanks for the perspective, as always. The time for radio to be thinking and acting insularly has been over for some time now. In my Stimulus Czar speech, I urged the RAB to place future conventions and gatherings in NY and LA (thanks to some urging by Paul). As always, appreciate your comments.

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