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Fred Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a media research and consulting firm. Jacobs Media clients have included CBS Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Citadel, Greater Media, MTV Networks, Playboy, Amazon, Electronic Arts, NPR, Sylvan Learning Centers, and Taubman Malls. Learn more about the company here.


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Great article on Power Of Sound...in advertising,too...reminded me how we use to show clients that through radio advertising they could target potential customers when the listener was using, wanting, needing their product or service. With high percentages of bedrooms equipped with clock radios and radio's intrusiveness a lot of mattresses, beds, furniture and other "bedroom" related products and services were sold.

Of course, then, radio was everywhere and customers were targeted everywhere.

It was about the power of sound of (including commercials)and radio'natural birthright: creativity.

Tommy Griffiths

I know there are iPhone/FM rumors out there, but can't Radio get in bed with Sprint or some cell company and urge them to install FM radio in a phone? Then the 41% who wake up with cell phones can wake up with radio again If I were a cell phone manufacturer, I'd approach the entire radio industry and say- you promote the "Sprint" FM Radio/Alarm phone (with all the other stuff) and we'll make 'em. And if we make 'em and you get people to buy them, you'll get more listeners.

Tommy Griffiths

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