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Tommy Griffiths

As a frustrated out-of-work and extremely capable morning talent, I'm with you. You've bristled my butt by reminding me that the full potential of radio is right under the industry's nose. It's called the unemployment line.
Talent makes one station better than another.
I can train a radio audience to immediately ask themselves, "I wonder what Tommy will do, or say, tomorrow morning?", after a news event, and thereby listen to your station the next morning to find out.
Nobody tunes in because they hope I might play Van Halen's "Jump" one more time.

Tommy Griffiths

Mitch Baker

Pardon me while I stand and applaud.....Nicely done Mr. Nachlis. If more jocks could understand and articulate the points that you make in your article regarding the influence of live talent not only on content, but commerce, the radio world MIGHT be a better place. I gotta go turn on 96 Rock on the stream now.

Jay Nachlis

Worth noting that the Facebook page linked to in the blog is a fan page started by a listener. The official 96rock page is updated regularly and features the standard "wall" format that most FB users are accustomed to.


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