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Guy Phillips

I can't argue with a thing Keith is saying. These are things that even seasoned professionals in the business should revisit on a regular basis...like a "nav" aid to success. What I would like to point out, however, is that Oprah has an entire staff dedicated to prepping, editing content for social media, and generally are on board to make her look like the star she is. That is not to say that we don't recognize her hard work but NONE of us have the luxuries afforded her in putting together a show. I think there are better examples of artists in the field today who consistantly craft winning shows that take up 4x as much real estate as Oprah's. The translation of Keith's article is not lost on me but in the new age of austerity, it seems a bit of a "slap-in-the face" education.

Keith Cunningham

Guy - you make a good point about luxuries/resources. And even with a small staff, talent can effectively work social networking, do a lot of prep, and strive to be multi-platform, etc. Example: one DJ I work with just released his second book - and it's paying off for him (and his station), in various ways.


Guy, I wanted to chime in here, too. I appreciate your feedback - and even your frustration about a lack of resources. Keith touched on that in his post. Think about Orpah's approach and her vision, rather than fixating on how many people she employs. Thanks for your comments.

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