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I agree, and not condoning the reprecussions, but inevitably the Recording Industry made piracy grow enormously over the past 5 years.

I can say that the internet has exposed me to music that I otherwise would not have been able to hear or ever knew existed. I live in R&B/Hip Hop central. There are no more Country, Dance, Swing/Jazz, or even a real "oldies" station(s) in Los Angeles anymore. It scares me to see 40+ year olds "bumping" hip hop in their cars, but can I blame them with a city that is saturated in HipHop/neo-R&B/Rap music? A city that has more than sufficient spanish stations, more than enough talk stations...It's no wonder people have converted to satellite radio and mp3s! Hell, I even find myself listening to the cable TV "music choice" channels more than the stereo/radio.

I want variety similar to Jack-FM(which has a great 80s-90s mix), but I'd love to hear Sinatra, Martin, Armstrong, Prima as well as maybe some dance/house music. Obviously, not all on the same dial for clashing reasons. Also, considering all of the frequencies that are available in Los Angeles, and considering the diversity of people, I cannot understand why there are not one swing, 50s R&R, House music, or even classic Country music station(s) available anymore?
Speaking for myself(and I know I'm not alone on this), I am tired of the "bedazzled/Mighty GemIt" lifestyle and culture already. I don't feel the need to bling out my grill, or grow dreadlocks and rap to raggaeton beats. What ever happened to, simply put; Classy and classic Music?
KLOS, JackFM, and sometimes KRTH are the only ones filling a void or niche, and if 2 out of the 3 have been on the air longer than most other stations in LA, what do you think their secret is? I have a notion it because they kept it real all those years, and stayed true to their programming. They outlasted the trends by not changing for changes sake.

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