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So, Kinsey Wilson has an iPad. That explains a lot. He loves his iPad, so that's where the audience is going.

NPR (and APM) were quick to provide apps for the iPhone last year and have finally offered an app for Android users but so far have not provided apps for Blackberry, Palm or Symbian phones - let alone other tablets.
I'm sure Apple and AT&T love NPR.

Public radio has long been a culture of Mac groupies. I just read the new station manager of KCRW was first hired after she showed up to volunteer with an iMac. It's what they mostly use themselves. So they are blind to the bulk of the PC and phone market that does not belong to the Cult of Jobs.

Since NPR is not interested enough in me to provide apps for the platforms I have chosen to use, I will not be interested in responding at future pledge drives.


Wow, pretty rough comments for an organization that provides its programming on a wide variety of platforms, from Apple to Android. I will not defend NPR, but I can tell you as a developer that it is very challenging and pricey to be everywhere and most entities have to pick and choose their spots. You have the right to express vitriol over NPR's digital decisions, but you might find it more productive to calmly explain your situation to NPR and inform them of how you might better enjoy their content. And in the future, please give your real name when posting on this blog.

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