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Joe Cassara

Let's set aside Apple's effective marketing machine for a second and focus on the quality of product argument. Apple consistently delivers devices and software utilizing innovative user experiences and a very unique esthetic that work beautifully first time out of the box. (Yes, there are often a few bugs in 1.0 of anything, but they're addressed with finesse). Conversely, announcements like Windows 7 are usually an answer to a problem; in this case, Vista. While Microsoft is busy cleaning up blunders, Apple moves forward.

Think in terms of restaurants. Which eatery would you rather frequent: the one that gets your meal right every time (albeit at a cost) or the decent yet drab one where sending back your steak because it's too rare is the norm? It may come back close enough to "just right," but a culinary sin has already detracted from your enjoyment.

As for the Palm Pre and Pixi, two great phones that should have secured a solid number two position in the smartphone market, I suggest you research some of the quality faux pas and blunders that have plagued the devices.


Like the total lack if an app strategy for those "great phones" by Palm? Thanks for the comment, and please check out tomorrow's post where the conversation continues.

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