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Dick Taylor, CRMC

Just saw Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO of Kodak speak last night at a BMA meeting. Kodak had to change or die. Five years ago they made $500 Billion in film sales. Today its around $200 million. Jeff said the game today is about QUALITY vs. the game of yesterday which was QUANTITY. Social Media is the quality path. Mass Media is the quantity path. Engagement is the new ROI. How does a voice tracked personality move radio in the direction of engagement? I'm concerned that a very powerful form of communication is being misdirected. The things we have always measured don't count and the things that count we don't measure (or give much thought to). This was an excellent blog post to hopefully get radio folks thinking about working ON their industry rather than just IN it.


Dick, thanks for the comment. I believe you hit the nail on the head. We are locked in a mentality where we're testing perceptions and behaviors that count for US, but not necessarily consumers. Much of the research that radio condcuts hasn't changed since the days when I worked for Frank Magid back in the '70s. We recently ran a post about Hayzlett is doing dynamic things for a company that could have gone the way of buggy whips. He has totally rethought Kodak.

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